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Providing impactful humanitarian support to deserving communities worldwide.

About Us

Our purpose

Ripple Lines Foundation exists to create a legacy of providing impactful humanitarian support to deserving communities worldwide.

A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Ripple Lines Foundation is  synonymous with the continued spread of kindness and compassion through acts of generosity and service. 


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growth, strength, and sustainability

What we believe

We believe that giving can encourage more giving. It’s in our name. Throwing a pebble into a pond causes ripples to spread across the surface. 

Similarly, the Ripple Lines Foundation gives financial support and encouragement to those in pursuit of community growth, strength, and sustainability. By doing so, we ignite giving by others. 

We envision a world where accessibility to life-sustaining resources ensures the growth and prosperity of underserved communities.

The strategic nature of our support empowers charitable campaigns based on true need and the potential for long-term impact.

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We seek partnerships with others who share our vision of a world free of insecurity and want.  We believe that working together with others is the best way to provide that freedom.

Ripple Lines Founder

A Tradition of Giving

Ripple Lines Foundation was founded in 2022 by CEO/Founder Gabriela Thierer in South Florida to continue her family’s tradition of giving.

As a child, Gaby’s parents owned the second color printing shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to America, got a marketing degree and, 20 years ago, founded TCGC.

Since then, Gaby’s company has worked with hundreds of global clients – creating value-added solutions for established Fortune 500 companies and growing businesses alike. 

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Our Areas of Interest

Our giving focuses on overcoming the challenges that developing communities face, from education to medical care, from civic infrastructure to economic independence.  Our support empowers underserved communities to deal with problems that degrade the quality of life and prevent the full growth and development of their young people.  

We actively participate in partnerships with other people and organizations, especially NGO’s, in carrying out programs and projects that support our vision. We provide funds for general

 operations, starting new programs, expanding existing programs, embarking on capital projects, and partnership funding. We are particularly interested in projects with ripple effects that can grow and have significant impacts for a larger and broader community

To achieve our mission, we welcome tax-deductible contributions to the Ripple Lines Foundation from others who share our vision.  

Our Work

Recent Grants

Currently we provide support to important development projects in five continents.  As the Foundation’s reach extends, we will begin to expand to other areas. 

Grant process

How to Apply for Help

We encourage you to send a Letter of Interest (LOI) giving an outline of your project, its intended impact, and how much funding you require.  Should we find your project of interest, we will send you an application requesting greater details on the project. 

The Foundation’s board of directors will consider other requests that are of particular interest to them personally.  The board of directors has the sole grant-making authority.

Please submit your Letter of Interest to grants@ripplelines.org  or mail to Ripple Lines Foundation, Gabriela Thierer, Chair, 5400 South University Drive, #208, Davie, FL, 33328. Please limit your LOI to one page, single spaced, in 12 pt, type.

Malombe Health Center
Mangochi, Malawi

Installation of Solar Energy to the Malombe Health Center, Mangochi.
Sambammanja Primary School
Mangochi, Malawi

Scholarship programs to reduce school dropouts
Feeding program to provide daily nutrition to 1,200 primary school students.
El Impenetrable
El Chaco, Argentina.

Building sanitary facilities.
Milk distribution program reaching 120 students daily.
Sponsoring Bajo Verde and El Viscacheral Primary Rural Schools.
Solar Battery Chargers

We provided 21 solar battery chargers for battalions in Israel so the soldiers can be in contact with their families.
BBQ Force

From the second day of the war, Ripple Lines has taken a hands-on approach to express gratitude to our soldiers. We have been organizing barbecues, creating a space for our military personnel to unwind, share camaraderie, and enjoy moments of respite amidst their demanding duties.


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The Foundation’s board of directors will consider other requests that are of particular interest to them personally.  The board of directors has the sole grant-making authority.